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Carpet Care Tips

Frequency of Cleaning


How often you have your carpet professionally steam cleaned depends on the kind of use your carpet gets, and the quality of your day-to-day maintenance. Most warranties recommend your carpet be steam cleaned at least annually by professional carpet cleaners. Reapplying carpet protector always enhances the amount of protection. It is important that you retain your cleaning receipts in the event that you need to make a warranty claim. Areas of higher traffic and soiling should be steam cleaned more frequently. (You will find EPA Guidelines on carpet care HERE)

Steam or Hot Water Extraction


This is the best method for deep-cleaning most carpets. Steam cleaning requires the use of a machine which sprays cleaning solution into the carpet pile. Chemicals attack the soil and greasy build-up on the carpet fibers. A powerful vacuum then extracts the solution almost immediately. After two or three steam cleanings, it is recommended to have carpet protector like Scotchgard applied for optimal soil and stain protection. Apex Carpet Care offers one of the most powerful truck-mounted steam cleaners in the Lowcountry

Do-It-Yourself Methods


Proper carpet cleaning requires experience and very expensive equipment. Most rental or home cleaning equipment does not have the power to extract the water and detergents they put into the carpet. Left in the carpet, the detergents attract more dirt, causing rapid re-soiling and the need for re-cleaning. Professional steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the method carpet manufacturers recommend for cleaning your carpet. If you choose to do-it-yourself, DO NOT use wet shampoo equipment. Shampooing can leave a soap residue in the carpet which not only masks the carpet protector, but actually attracts and holds dirt like a magnet.

Vacuuming Tips


Vacuuming cannot wear out your carpet, but soil can. Even with entry mats, eventually dirt and grit can become embedded in your carpet's pile. When that happens, your carpet will become discolored and matted. Up to 80% of the soil in carpet is of the dry particulate type that can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. For rooms with light traffic, vacuum the traffic lanes twice weekly and the entire area once weekly. Those areas with heavier traffic require that the traffic lanes be vacuumed daily and the entire area twice weekly. Up to three passes of the machine will suffice for light soiling, but five to seven passes are necessary for heavily soiled areas. Change the vacuuming direction occasionally to help stand the pile upright and reduce matting.



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