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Water Extractions and Floods: We're Ready 24/7


Apex Carpet Care is available 24/7. When you call 843-769-7445, you won't get an answering service. An experienced professional will answer the telephone and immediately dispatch the necessary Technicians and Equipment. Apex Crews are IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration and average 10-12 emergency flood visits daily. Whether an overflowed commode, a burst hot water heater or pipe, or a sewage backup, we know what to steps to take to prevent further damage.

Powerful Extraction & Drying Equipment


Apex has many trucks with powerful extraction equipment to fully dry out the worst situations. We have various sized dehumidifiers as well as hundreds of air movers to ensure effective circulation during the drying process. Our staff is IICRC Certified in Water Damage Restoration.


You can be assured that Apex's first priority is your family's health and safety. Every effort is made to ensure no dangerous mold growth develops. It is Apex's policy to always use a disinfectant treatment during the drying process.


We work with most insurance adjusters throughout the area.

Smoke & Fire Damage Experts


Apex Staff are also IICRC Certified Smoke and Fire Damage Experts. Whether it's a small grease fire in the kitchen or an entire smoked-out house, we will respond quickly.


We will itemize the costs using an estimating and pricing system commonly accepted by the insurance industry. We try to get your property back in order quickly so you aren't displaced for a long time.

Immediate Actions to Take When Damage Occurs


The following IICRC recommendations assume water-related storm damage to residential or light commercial structures. For recommendations regarding restoration of major commercial properties and building assemblies, it is important to consult with professionals, such as Apex Carpet Care, who have specific training and experience in this area.


Whether insured or not, it is important for property owners to document damage with photographs or video, and immediately, to begin loss mitigation (protective) procedures themselves; or hire a qualified contractor to do this on their behalf. It is totally inappropriate to put off mitigation while waiting for an insurance claims representative to arrive on the scene to evaluate the loss. By that time, in all probability sufficient time will have passed to grow and amplify microorganisms, which may not be covered by insurance. Loss mitigation is defined by insurance policies as “reasonable and prudent measures designed to preserve, protect and secure property from further damage,” including microbial growth and amplification.


Beware of Homeowner Warranty Services


Homeowner Warranties cover the damaged equipment such as a burst hot water heater, clogged air conditioner or repair of a burst pipe. However, they do not necessarily cover the resulting damage to your home or contents. So be sure to take immediate protective measures to mitigate your damage.



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