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Just how do we do it? We can’t give away all our secrets but we can give you an idea of just what’s involved in each stain-removal process. As you’ll see, it takes more than a few paper towels and some club soda to fix these messes. The right combination of chemicals and expert technique makes all the difference. Next time you find yourself with one of these stains, don’t try to clean it yourself – call in the experts!



Blood stain before treatment
Blood stain being neutralized with powder
Blood stain removed after treatment

Blood stains are treated in a three-step process. The stain is first neutralized before being removed.



Wax is a challenge. First, excess wax is scraped off, and then a steam iron is used to dissolve the remaining wax. Finally, a gel product is applied to liquefy the rest.

Kool-Aid stains can be the death of a carpet, but not if you use “Red Relief.” This unique treatment converts the stain into crystals, which are then easily extractable.

 Kool Aide

Wine stains are eradicated with Power Gel followed by a regular stain remover.

Red Wine

Graphite or copier toner stains are treated with Power Gel followed by a Solvent Gel to get rid of it all.

Copier/Printer Toner

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